Bitcoin Code Review

Bitcoin Code has been the most debated trading robot in the web for some years now. Some consider it a scam, others a waste of time. What lies behind this name? And who really is its founder: Stefano Savarese or Steve McKay?

Through our review, we want you to form your own opinion about the trading robot crypto, which according to some would allow you to earn up to 13 thousand euros a day. As far as we are concerned we have collected all the information available in the web channels.

Bitcoin Code Review

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Who invented Bitcoin Code? Stefano Savarese or Steve McKay?

According to the online media the real name is Steve McKay, while Stefano Savarese is just an attempt to Italianize the English name.

The programmer, according to the sources consulted, is in fact American and is a software programmer who worked at the New York Stock Exchange (Wall Street) in the field of techno finance (known as fintech).

During his activity in Wall Street, McKay, would have worked on the development of software capable of performing operations independently that were previously left only to the expertise of stockbrokers.

Just when the work seems to have reached a sufficient autonomy, Steve is contacted by his boss who asks him to create a single software that contains all the tools he had made up to that point. The programmer does what the boss says and programs the new software by creating a version with advanced features.

The new software, The Bitcoin Code, was initially to be distributed to a reserved clientele, people who move large amounts of capital on the stock exchange every day: the so-called large investors.

When the work is finished and delivered, Steve’s boss contacts him to tell him that he will no longer be available in a few hours and that he has taken the application with him.

Steve feels deceived, because the boss has made him create a personal ATM without the knowledge of the company for which they both work.

The programmer decides to take revenge in his own way. He hadn’t erased the work from his personal computer, he still had the original copy of Bitcoin Code. At this point McKay does what anyone else would have done in his place: he starts the procedure of initialization of the trading robot, sets it in crypto currency trading mode and changes his life in a few months.

Bitcoin Code shared with everyone
After trying and perfecting it for many months, Steve decided it was time to share his automated trading robot with everyone and chose to open a website through which to offer the platform to anyone who wants to register:

As he himself states in the video posted on the site, he certainly did not do it for charity. He only decided to share the tool with others so that they can all earn, but it is clear that he too will continue to make profits through the website The Bitcoin Code.

This is the story of how Bitcoin Code was born that we have collected and that we tell you as it is. Continuing we analyze the mechanism of operation of the robot of bitcoin.