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The National Grassroots Peace Network (NGPN) is no longer active as an organization. The organization was formed in February 2001 as the ‘National Network to End the War Against Iraq’ (NNEWAI). Over 350 grassroots peace and justice groups in 48 states–all working to end the ongoing bombing, sanctions against, and then to end the invasion and occupation of Iraq–had joined the Network by the summer of 2003, at which time the name was changed from NNEWAI to NGPN. The name change was made in response to threats from the Pentagon about possible military action against Iran and Syria; it would enable the Network to widen its focus beyond Iraq, although it never did so. While the name change was surely premature, it now appears that such military action may be imminent.

Diverse people came together to form a Network out of their compassion and concern for the violations of human rights being visited upon innocent people in Iraq by the US and its allies, initially acting through the United Nations in the form of sanctions. The Network was intended to be an organization in which there was no imposition of ideas from the top down or demands for rigid adherence to any specific doctrine, one in which our efforts to halt our governments’ killing of innocent civilians in Iraq by military and economic means would be stronger if we focused taking this simple demand to the public, beyond the choir and to the mainstream. Strong in diversity of opinion, it proved very difficult to secure members’ commitment to building some kind of center to hold the Network together and keep it going.

In the coming days, weeks and months’s volunteer webmasters will be redesigning the home page of, offering a new look and feel, and reincorporating some of the old. The goal remains to fulfill the original goal for the website: that of providing an information service for people actively seeking to bring about an end to war in the Middle East.

Since March of 2001, nearly 30 million pages have been accessed from this site. Thousands of hours were put into new designs for a new site, but we have simply been unable to find the surplus funds necessary for the training of volunteers or the hiring of professional web designers. A donation of one penny for every 33 pages accessed would have raised enough to complete the project. If you have energy and ideas, and you wish to help this project continue in a new direction, you may contact us if you wish to volunteer your time or expertise (contact information below). If you have appreciated the work that has gone into the Network and over the past four years, you may simply make a donation toward helping us complete unfinished projects.

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